Jeff’s Naturals Certifications – A Star-Studded Cast

Jeff is proud to assure customers that we are mindful of special dietary needs and the simple desire to live a healthier lifestyle. Each product is closely followed and monitored from farm to table. Enjoy this full line of specialty olives, peppers and vegetables with the confidence that these are the healthiest most natural products we can possibly produce. We are proud to serve them to our family and friends and we know you will too. Enjoy!

Kosher CertifiedKosher:

Jeff’s Naturals proudly manufactures many products under stringent kosher supervision. Kosher standards are so exacting that an entire formula can be prohibited if the supervising rabbi finds a single non-kosher ingredient that makes up only one-tenth of 1% of the total.


Jeff’s Naturals is a certified GMO-free product line (with the exception of our cheese stuffed olives).  We use ingredients free from any genetically modified organism, and all suppliers provide a written guarantee.

Gluten-FreeGluten Free:

A gluten-free diet excluding the gluten protein is used to treat diseases and dietary restrictions. All Jeff’s Naturals products are Gluten Free.


Those who avoid consuming animal products will find most Jeff’s Naturals products a delicious addition to their lifestyle; most Jeff’s Naturals products are certified Vegan.

USDA OrganicOrganic:

Jeff’s Naturals Whole and Sliced Greek Kalamata Olives are grown organically. It is our goal at Jeff’s Naturals to continue to offer more organic selections as we grow and expand our product line.